Twitter Moments: Top 11 of 2011

Twitter Moments: Top 11 of 2011

Twitter Moments: Top 11 of 2011

Sometimes I forget that they sell newspapers in stores. Sitting alone in the dusty corner of your local Wawa is what most would consider ?yesterday?s news.? And in the time you spend casually scrolling through your Twitter timeline waiting to pay for your bagel and coffee, you?ve probably read more news than you could pack into that entire archaic bundle of print.

In a way, it?s kind of sad. But it?s just how we are. We crave things instantly and then, before we can even process what we heard, we spread it to the masses. There?s a ton of big wigs out there writing books about our generation of millennials and how we?re tearing society apart by the seams. But you know what I think? I think we?re kind of brilliant. And, in every possible sense of the phrase, we?re changing the world.

So here's the countdown of the top 11 moments with the highest tweets per second in 2011:

11. Japan Earthquake: 5,530 TPS

On March 11th, during the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and consequent tsunami that swept the coast of Japan, thousands of tweets went out either expressing shock, wishing well, or looking for help.

10. Miami Heat NBA Finals: 5,531 TPS

LeBron James, small forward for the Miami Heat, caused a social media uproar when he tweeted his reaction to the team?s loss in the NBA finals. He announced, ?The Greater Man upstairs know when it?s my time. Right now isn?t the time.?

9. #RIPSteveJobs: 6,049 TPS

On October 5th, the world lost a visionary, an innovator and an absolute creative genius. Steve Jobs passed away shortly after resigning from his position as CEO of Apple. #RIPSteveJobs trended worldwide.

8. UEFA Finals: 6,303 TPS

In the final match of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Barcelona won against Manchester United. The final score was 3-1 and Twitter was sure to capture varying reactions.

7. BET Mixup: 6,436 TPS

When contest winner Tiffany Greene had her 15 seconds of fame as the presenter of the BET Viewers? Choice Award, she probably wasn?t expecting the attention she would get. The teleprompter ahead of her indicated that the winner was Rihanna but the tablet in her hand said Chris Brown. The mix-up made way for some extreme mockery across Twitter.

6. 12am Across the Globe: 6,939 TPS

As midnight struck across the world, ?Happy New Year? tweets raced across time zones, starting with Japan. The movement of such a common sentiment is stunning to say the least.

5. Jobs Steps Down: 7,064 TPS

Mere months before the announcement of Apple?s latest craze, the iPhone 4S, the company?s CEO, Steve Jobs, resigned from his position. His letter read, ?I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple?s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.?

4. [and 3.] FIFA Finals: 7,196 and 7,166 TPS

When the United States faced Japan for the final match in the FIFA Women?s World Cup, Twitter feeds were overflowing with reactions. The same goes for the Paraguay vs. Brazil game, which was also played on July 17th of this year.

2. Davis Controversy: 7,671 TPS

After being sentenced to death for the controversial 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer, Troy Davis garnered the year?s second highest number of tweets per second. Despite the social uprising, Davis was executed the following day.

1. World's Most Popular Baby: 8,868 TPS

During her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce announced to the world that she and her husband, Jay-Z, are expecting a baby. This news, above all other news in the world, holds the place for the highest number of tweets per second in 2011.



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So, did you predict them? Were you one of the thousands in that very second in time that tapped the letters on your phone and quickly pressed ?tweet? to be part of the moment? Or did you just sit back and watch them unfold?

It really makes you think. What was the most important moment in your 2011? How many things in your own life happened and felt more important than Beyonce?s pregnancy? What do you wish the world was talking about? The best part is, you have the power to make it happen -maybe 2012 is your year. Happy tweeting!

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